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"Who Uses Paubox and Why" whitepaper

The promise of Paubox is simple yet revolutionary: HIPAA compliant email solutions, without the extra steps.

In "Who Uses Paubox and Why," we give you real-life examples of different types of organizations that use Paubox products and why our solution is best in class. 

This whitepaper is for those who work need to send email that includes sensitive information in the healthcare industry, including physicians, IT departments, and C-suite executives. 

We will use the info you submit to send you the whitepaper and other info relating to email security. We take securing your info seriously. See our privacy policy for more info.

What we cover in the whitepaper

By the end of this paper, you will:

  • Have an understanding of the different types of organizations that use Paubox
  • The top 10 reasons to switch to Paubox
  • Why zero-step encrypted email is the way of the future
  • How Paubox can help reduce friction, save employee time, and help simplify the process of sending PHI

"Who Uses Paubox and Why" Whitepaper

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